Employer Services
Kirk Brandt & Associates can provide the following types of services;
 Recruiting- “WE Listen, ACT, and Deliver”. After initial consultation where we will identify your needs, job specs and profile, we will begin an exhaustive search utilizing our extensive nationwide network to identify the top 5% type candidates you want. We will “directly recruit” candidates from the competition if desired. For more, give us a call.
 Nationwide Network- with over 20+ years working and recruiting in the Medical Industry, KBA has developed an extensive nationwide network of over 500+ recruiters that allows us to quickly identify top talent nationwide.
 Background Checks- KBA, will assist you from start to finish. Once you have identified your candidate, we will assist in background checks, employment verification, references and assist the candidate in filling out applications and required paperwork.
 Candidate Assistance- to insure we don’t waste YOUR TIME we will assist candidates in researching your company and the competition. We coordinate all interview specifics and homework prior to the interview. KBA candidates come prepared!
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